Eva Rose Cohen is a Minneapolis-based artist who uses traditional illustration media like colored pencils, ink pen, and chalk pastels to make work that is lively, playful, and contemporary. Eva grew up in St. Paul, MN, and after graduating from Brown University in Providence, RI in 2009, she returned to the Twin Cities to work as an artist and to do other kinds of socially engaged work.

Many of Eva’s compositions incorporate expressive line work and hand-drawn collage elements that are figurative and a bit surreal. Her art is informed by her interest in memory and family stories, her political activism, her reading and thinking about history, culture, and biology, her exploration of her Jewish heritage, and her work with young people. She strives to make work that is beautiful and rich in personal and public meaning.

Though she is not a musician, Eva has always been interested in music and welcomes the chance to create album art, creative event posters, and other art for musicians. Many of her family members and friends make music (including her husband, rapper/producer/music journalist Jack Spencer, and mother, cellist Molly Wilbur-Cohen), and she loves the diversity of the Twin Cities scene and the opportunities she has to hear great local and national acts. Making art for musicians offers her a means to creatively engage with music and to help musicians represent themselves in the public sphere in a way that is cool, eye-catching, and in tune with their style and sound.

Eva shows her work in a range of venues around the Twin Cities. She exhibited as a guest artist in the Q.arma Building during Art-A-Whirl 2012-2014, and she has participated in group shows at Cult Status Gallery, CO Exhibitions, Altered Esthetics, and other Minneapolis gallery spaces. In spring 2012, she spent a week at the Flux Factory in Long Island City, New York and helped produce iSpy, a “participatory conceptual game show” exploring the creative potential of surveillance technologies.